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What is Free Humanism?

Free Humanism is essentially "modern Humanism", a combination of Secular Humanism (which usually includes Skepticism and Atheism) and other Humanistic movements that are not explicitly anti-religious.  The term Humanism was originally coined by Christian theologians but modern Humanism seeks to include all people who have the goal of improvement of Humanity through community-building, critical thinking, travel, music etc. etc.

How to Connect with Us

Meetup Page:

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We are mostly just a MeetUp group - but seek to be more and less.  At our core we are just a group of people who enjoy talking about just about anything.  At most we are hoping to build communities of people who are active in the improvement of mankind.  So to keep it simple?  Can you talk and communicate and share your life interests with people and allow them to do the same?  Well, that's all there is to it. 


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